Yiannis Sifakis

Director of Corporate Communication,Marketing & Public Relations, Ethniki Insurance

Yiannis Sifakis is an Experienced Commercial Director, with 20 years of experience in Banking, Bancassurance, Insurance Business, FMGs and Advertising in Global and National Brands. He holds substantial experience in Sales Management and Brand Development

Yiannis Sifakis, has a proven track record of performance, through sales network management product launching and Global Brands Marketing Management.

Throughout his career he has initiated and implemented successful business and sales strategies for Bancassurance Business Development, Joint Ventures, Banking and FMGs Companies.

Currently he holds the position of Director of Corporate Communication, Marketing & Public Relations in Ethniki Insurance.

He worked as Marketing & Training Director of Agrotiki Insurance, International Marketing Director of Piraeus Bank, Marketing and Sales Director of ING Piraeus and ING Bancassurance, Head of Marketing of Retail Business of Piraeus Bank, Product Manager and Sales Manager of Direct & Alternative Distribution of Citibank S.A Greece, Client Serves Manager at Soldz& Friends Advertising Agency, Product and Brand Manager of Nestle UK Ltd,

He is also a Professional Trainer and certified business coach in the fields of sales marketing, personal development, He has also been a Visiting Lecturer in Strategic Marketing at New York University ( Athens)

He holds a BA(Hons) Degree in Business Studies and Finance from Newcastle University U.K. and MBA from Durham University U.K