Kourmousis Fotis

Special Sectoral Secretary for Private Debt Management, Special Secretariat for Private Dept Management, Ministry of Economy & Development

Fotis Kourmousis was appointed Special Sectoral Secretary for Private Debt Management by the Prime Minister on July of 2016. He reports directly to the Minsiterial Council for Private Debt Management, composing of the 4 involved Ministers of Economy, Finance, Labor and Justice. He has undertaken the task of coordinating the enforcement of the legislation for out-of-court workout (OCW) for business depts while enlarging the network of Centers and Offices for Informing and Supporting  Deptors. He has worked as a Special Advisor in international organizations : United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and  European Environment Agency (EEA). He has also served as Special Advisor in the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Development, Environment, Energy and Climate Change and Agriculture (EU Greek Presidency 2003). Graduate in Environmental Management, Policy and Engineering at the Aegean University. Post-graduate studies in Strategic Leadership at Oxford University (SAID Business School). He is appointed as a permanent laboratory didactic and research staff in School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.