Overview – Discussion Panels


Insurance and Real-Economy

For the first time, views expressed by professionals from other sectors of the economy on insurance will be presented within the context of a conference.

Various executives will be invited to share their experiences regarding their collaboration with insurance companies. How satisfied are they with coverage and services? How fast are they compensated for insurance claims?

Finally, they will make suggestions on changes that need to be effected on the insurance-compensation scheme and will decide which insurance products or companies stand out for their efficiency.

The New Era of the Insurance Market



How do technological developments affect General and Life Insurance products? What is the future of car insurance? Will car insurance premiums continue to drop?

Has the compensation system for insurance claims improved?

What is the future of the Auxiliary Fund for insurance of liability arising out of motor accidents? Will foreign funds “bring better days”?


Will the upward trend in healthcare insurance continue? How are health insurance premiums affected by medical inflation and clinics’ interests? How will medical technology affect insurance premiums?


Pensions are at the epicenter of developments in the insurance sector. How fertile is the international and domestic environment for the growth of retirement income insurance?

What changes in taxation and insurance contributions could benefit the Welfare State and help the pension insurance sector grow?

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Partnerships between public and private organizations in the insurance sector are a necessity which the State has recently started to acknowledge.

How far away are we from creating PPPs specialized in Healthcare and Natural Disasters?


The New Face of Insurance Mediation

Insurance Mediation is at a crossroads and going through a period of transformation.

How are Mediators affected by the IDD, the Insurers’ Register and the Code of Conduct? How are consumers protected against unlawful and unfair practices?

Finally, special mention will be made of the new challenges in Insurance Mediation as portfolio buyouts, takeovers and companies’ mergers form the new landscape of this sector.