11th Insurance Conference

The 11th Insurance Conference stands out for its focus on international and domestic insurance trends. In addition, it constitutes a platform where, for the very first time, the interrelations between insurance executives and professionals from other sectors are highlighted while at the same time the latter are given the opportunity to present their views on the contribution of private insurance to their companies.

Special emphasis is placed on Mediation, which is currently undergoing a very crucial phase.

The conference is organized by Ethos Events in collaboration with the economic and business portal banks.com.gr, Insurance World magazine and Insuranceworld.gr portal and will take place on Thursday 28 June 2018 at the Divani Caravel hotel.

The conference starts in


Honorary Distinguished Leader Award in the Hellenic Insurance Market

Nicholas A. Macropoulos

Mr Nicholas A. Macropoulos was born in New York and has studied at the London Academy and the University of Leeds, in 1970 he commenced his career with G. Plytas (ex-Mayor of Athens) Insurance Group. In 1993 he founded Europe SA General Insurance and remains its major shareholder until today.

In 1973 he was elected as a member on the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies in Greece (H.A.I.C) and during the period 1978-1980 he was elected as General Secretary of the Association of Insurance Company Representatives and in 1988 he was a founding member of the Hellenic Insurance Brokers Association (HIBA), served as Chairman for the period of 1992 – 1994 and in 1994 he was proclaimed as honorary Chairman.

He was furthermore elected as the Chairman for the Association of Lloyd’s Brokers Representatives in Greece for the period of 1994 – 2003 and for several years served as an elected member on the Board of Directors of the H.A.I.C.

He served as a member of the Executive Committee for the period of 2009 – 2011 and has held office as the Chairman of the Committee for International and Public Relations at the H.A.I.C from 2012-2015.

In 2014 he was elected as Vice President of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. He has also served as Vice President of Panathinaikos Athletic Club and as a member on the Board of Directors of the Panathinaikos Football S.A.


Mitrakos Theodoros

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece 

Staikouras Christos

Head of ND Economic Policy Sector, MP, Nea Demokratia, former Alternate Minister of Finance

Kourmousis Fotis

Special Sectoral Secretary for Private Debt Management, Special Secretariat for Private Dept Management, Ministry of Economy & Development

Macropoulos Nicholas


Garnett Christopher

Principal, ChuteCourt Asesores Limited

Antonaki Margarita

General Manager, Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies (H.Α.I.C)

Chaldaiou Kleopatra

Senior Manager, Insurance and Actuarial Services, ΕΥ

Christopoulou Alexandra

Partner, Chief Executive Officer ClientIQ

Hambaki Myrto

Group International Projects & Solvency II, ARAG SE (Greek Branch)

Kaffetzi Eugenia

Vice-Chairman, Hellenic Insurance Broker Association (HIBA)

Kanellopoulos Nicolas

Attorney at law, Accredited Mediator, Secretary General of the ADR Promotion Organisation

Karydakis Prokopis

Vice President, Stephanos Karydakis SA

Koutrouvis Ioanna

Managing Director, PREDICTA S.A. 

Leledakis Panagiotis

President, Hellenic Association of Insurance Consultants & President, Hellenic Insurance Ombudsman Association

Liakopoulos Constantinos

President & CEO, Connecticore

Ouzounis Konstantinos

General Manager, Ethos Media SA

Papavasileiou Paris


Pierrakos Vassilios

Insurance IT Advisory Services Senior Manager, EY

Tozakidis Ioannis

President, PSSAS, President, GAMA Hellas (2016-2018), Agency Manager

Tsolkas Lampros

Vice President, Accenture A.E

Vassalakis Giannis


Vayionnis George

Ασφαλιστικός Πράκτορας, Cert CII, Γενικός Γραμματέας Ένωσης Επαγγελματιών Ασφαλιστών Ελλάδος (ΕΕΑΕ)



Divani Caravel